Thursday, May 14, 2009


Comments which appeared on the Blog of Assemblyman Green concerning my role as a Board Member clearly demonstrate another example of how misinformation, whether intentional or otherwise, contaminates the true function of a Board Member. Assemblyman Green obviously lacks a true understanding of what it means to be guided by laws, policies and ethics. Instead, he has suggested that I have somehow failed to disclose information to the public regarding a personnel matter and a student who attends school in the district.

What Mr. Green fails to recognize is that as a Board Member, I have NO INDIVIDUAL authority to do anything. My only authority as a School Board Member is to develop policies to guide the administration in managing the schools. As a School Board Member, I understand that my responsibility is not to administer the schools on a day-to-day basis, but to work with the other eight (8) Board Members to see that the schools are well run. I do believe that under the leadership of Dr. Steve Gallon, III our schools are being run well. However, I also understand that we still have a long way to go in order to improve our schools to the level of excellence that our children deserve.

Mr. Green continually asserts that matters in our Public Schools are being mismanaged or not handled properly. He continues to be highly critical of the new administration of the Plainfield Public Schools. Instead of being part of the solution, he continually takes shots at our schools as if he wants them to fail.

In this particular instance, he claims that a situation in our high school was mishandled. He tries to link me to an incident in a negative way. I ask that Mr. Green be specific in terms of what role he thinks I played in the incident that he is referring to. If he is simply referring to the fact that I do not broadcast confidential information about our students and our employees to the public, as he does, I would do well to remind him that matters of personnel in our public schools are, by law, confidential until the need for confidentiality no longer exists. It would be an absolute violation of my ethical responsibility to disclose information regarding a personnel matter when there has been no action taken by the Board of Education. I am not authorized to take any INDIVIDUAL action as a board member.

Assemblyman Green should spend more time researching the law and school board ethics as opposed to making such misinformed statements which are clearly indicative of his fear of the changing climate in Plainfield. I will not, as a Board Member, subject myself to potential harm by providing information concerning a matter which is, by law, confidential. I can only question how it is that a public official was able to obtain such information when the law prohibits disclosure to the public until the need for confidentiality no longer exists.

It is clear that Assemblyman Green’s attack upon me and my family is motivated by “politics” and not for any real concern for the District or its students. Mr. Green would be better served by challenging the dissolution of Abbott Funding rather than launching personal diatribes at me.

Lastly, Assemblyman Green should spend more time servicing the districts of Clark, Dunellen, Fanwood, Greenbrook, North Plainfield, Linden, Middlesex, Scotch Plains, Rahway and Winfield and less time advocating the art of misinformation when it comes to Plainfield.